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On the streets of  NYC, enjoying a graffiti tour, this city - so inspiring, so creative

On the streets of  NYC, enjoying a graffiti tour, this city - so inspiring, so creative

Come join the revamp revolution! 

Welcome to my website, Carol B. - A Revamp Revolution! For 20+ years now I have been revamping, renovating, rejuvenating, revitalising retail & residential spaces. With a background in retail visual merchandising display & design, my passion lies in activating and transforming spaces. I work with my clients to bring their vision to life, producing beautiful & creative spaces, at the same time ensuring a practical and functional approach.

My work spans across retail, regional and residential spaces. Not only do I conduct revamps, I also run a series of creative and interactive workshops that help inspire those in retail & residential environments looking to make a difference to improve their space.  I like to consider myself your ‘Creative Coach’, where often, I find my clients may already know what it is they’d like to achieve, they just need a little bit of help in shifting their creative compass moving in the right direction!

Keen to see what I have been up too?  Visit my work & blog page to catch all of my latest revamping activities.  And Retailers, be sure to check out my Retail Revamp book, teaching you all of the tips and tricks of the trade in transforming your space!

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