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Residential Revamp 

Residential Revamps

hug your home  

There is nothing more I love to do than a good ole residential revamp! One of my favourite areas of work is transforming peoples houses into homes. Working through the dysfunction to get to that beautifully designed space we all deserve to live in.

Having grown up in a chaotic, cluttered household in Sydney (the perfect training ground) I have come to know and understand dysfunctional living and dysfunctional working spaces on a very very intimate level!  I get the chaos, I get the clutter and I also get how overwhelming, disheartening and defeating it can be when you home just doesn't look and feel as it should.   

As your 'Residential Revamper' I am here to help! I do not consider myself an interior designer or decorator, but rather your Creative Coach, working with what you have and looking to transform your space in creative and cost effective ways. Drawing on my years of retail visual merchandising design and display experience, I use these skills to now activate people homes!

Because after all I really do believe your home should hug you every night! 

Services available; 

  • Home Styling / Preparing for Sale 
  • Online Consultations / Sounding Board Service
  • Residential Revamp Workshops  

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