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Regional Revamping 

NSW Regional Retailer Revamps

THE story so far...  

The very first ‘Regional’ Retail Revamp, visual merchandising workshop took place in October 2006, in the NSW town of Hay. 11 years later with over 40 workshops conducted across 27 towns across Regional NSW, the Regional Revamp Roadshow is well and truly in full swing.

Working hand in hand with local Councils, Business Chambers of Commerce, Economic Business Development Managers, and local Tourism Officers, the Retail Revamp workshop has traveled far and wide from the Back of Bourke to Boorowa delivering inspiration and information to Regional business communities. 

The program has grown and developed over the years, what began as a 2 hour workshop, now spans over a week with a variety of Retail Revamp activities taking place, including;

  • One on One Retailer Consultations,
  • Group hands on Visual Merchandising Sessions,
  • After Hours Window Demonstrations,
  • Dusk Window Walking Tours,
  • Turning Towns Around Creative Brainstorm Sessions and much, much more.  

The program brings business communities together and challenges the way a community thinks of its town. Bringing a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective, this program investigates the potential to turn a town around by providing the skills, the tips and tricks and often much needed motivation to get business moving in the right direction. 

The Retail Revamp program is flexible in its offer and customised to suit your Regions needs.  Click here to discuss the right Regional Retail Revamp program for your town.  

Alternatively you can read all about previous Regional Retail Revamp activities at the Work & Blog page.