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Retail Revamp Consultancy  

Visual Merchandising, New York, New York

Retail Revamp Workshops 

A series of inspiring and educational workshops, based upon learning's from the Retail Revamp book, this customised course teaches retailers and those with a keen interest in visual merchandising & display the importance of activating a retail environment.  At the end of this workshop participants will understand how to increase customer foot traffic and ultimately how to increase sales through a solid visual merchandising strategy.   This practical workshop provides participants the opportunity to reflect on their visual merchandising challenges and delivers take away tips and tricks that can be applied to make an immediate difference to any business. Click here to learn more about the Retail Revamp Workshops 

Retail Revamp Refurbishments  

Looking to revamp or refurbish your retail space? You may be considering a mini revamp or a total renovation? I can help you with both! I bring a fresh perspective to your retail & business environment, balancing both the creative and commercial aspects of such spaces.  My approach is collaborative, working with what you have and I look to introduce what you need, to ensure your creative vision is bought to life. Click here to learn more about the Retail Revamp Refurbishment Services.  

Public Speaking 

Keen to inspire your team at your next Conference or Exhibition event?  I offer a customised public speaking service that is the perfect tool to educate and inspire your team about the important role visual merchandising plays in any retailing environment. Speaking engagements are customised and can be created to include client specific content as well as the visual merchandising basics. Click here to learn more about Public Speaking Services


Is your retail space lacking wow, are you struggling to get customers through the front doors?  I offer a range of visual merchandising services that include; audits, in store or online consultations, plus visual merchandising strategy work. Whether you're a 'big or small' retailer, more than happy to have a chat about what your retailing environment may need. Click here to discuss your needs further.